Saturday, January 20, 2007

Some of My Favourite Products

Working for the new company has shown me some great gear, stuff I have always wanted to use. We delivered some great kit to a local venue in preparation of installation. Stuff like EAW speakers, these sound so clean, and also some Powersoft Ampsand a Crest Mixer. Still more to come in next few days. Then we can start the install. Below are some links to these great products.




A New Direction

Been rather busy for the last few months. Work as a Stage Manager for Urban Myth Theatre Company for their production of Midsummer's Nights Dream. This was an amazing experience. Great company to work with. Also been working at the Marion Cultural Centre , this is a rather nice venue. It does not have much technical equipment, but it has great staff. It is a pleasure to work at. Work at the other venues has fallen off. What happen was my casual job was advertised as a full time position. So I applied. The job ad also asked for skills in marketing and programing events, and contracting artist. This I thought was rather odd skills for a theatre technician to have. They way things were put these were only minor part of the job and would be learning from the boss how to do these things.
I was told that I was not successful in getting the full time position, this would have included my position. So it is back to limit casual hours yet again. Sometimes life can suck, especially when the boss asks me to help the new guy transition in to the job.
But things seem to be on the improve, I have joined up with a lighting and audio hire, that I have dealt with over the last few years. This company I have a lot of respect for. One of my tasks is to increase our client base, a task I am looking forward to. I might not make much over the next few months, but I am sure it will pay of in the end.
So who is this company?
Well they are Australian Audio & Lighting Technology
Do visit them and have a look.
Well more later :)